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Complexion Collection

Complexion Collection

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Sculpting Series

Achieve airbrushed perfection with our Complexion Collection. This set includes 5 duo fibre brushes that are dense enough to handle all cosmetics products, including cream, liquid, powder and wax and are soft enough to create an airbrushed, buffed finish.


#109 Buffing Concealer Brush
#130 Buffing Foundation Brush
#131 Multi Task Buffing Brush
#133 Buffing Face Brush
#139 Buffing Face and Body Brush



Please visit each brush to view its individual material composition.

Shipping & Returns

Eligible for full refund or exchange if unused or defective.

Care Instructions

Care Instructions for Your Smith Brush

Remember, your Smith Brush wants to be used! Here's how to clean and care for it...

For the Brush Head:

1. Preparation: Ensure you have a gentle hydrating soap and lukewarm water ready.

2. Wet the Brush: Gently wet the brush head with lukewarm water. Ensure the water doesn't go past where the ferrule attaches to the handle to prevent damage.

3. Soap Application: Pour a small amount of the liquid soap into the palm of your hand.

4. Clean the Brush: Swirl the brush head in your soapy palm until it foams.

5. Rinse: Rinse the brush thoroughly. If the water doesn't run clear (indicating product residue), repeat steps 3-5 until the brush is clean.

6. Remove Excess Water: Start by holding the brush vertically, with the brush head down, and wrapping your thumb and forefinger into a tight circle around the bottom of the ferrule, near where the brush head starts. Then, pull that same hand down over the brush head, squeezing as you go, to remove excess water.

7. Drying: Lay the brush flat in an area with good air circulation, ensuring the entire brush head is exposed to the air. Avoid placing it on bathroom sinks or counters where one side might be obstructed.

Caution: Never let a damp brush rest against counters or towels. This can prevent proper air circulation and potentially lead to mold growth on the brush head.

For the Handle:

Wipe with a warm damp cloth. If there are makeup stains that aren't coming off with warm water and a cloth, use the same gentle soap you used on the brush head to clean the handle.

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