About Us

As professional makeup artists, our tools are the channel through which our creativity flows—which is why we need them to be as innovative as we are! We longed for unique products that simply didn’t exist, and felt our potential was being hindered by the limited offerings of the cosmetics market. The solution? We took matters into our own hands and founded Smith Cosmetics: by artists, for artists.

After developing the products we had always dreamed of, we did extensive testing with professional makeup artists to ensure that every item met our sky-high standards. The result is a revolutionary line of cosmetic brushes and accessories that will transform the way you think about makeup, and become a catalyst for inspiration.
At Smith Cosmetics, we never stop looking for ways to take things to the next level for our fellow artists—so save room in your makeup kit for what’s to come.


smith [smith]
A skilled craftsperson or artisan who works at something specified. Often used in combination: a cosmeticsmith.

cos•met•ic•smith [koz-met-ik-smith]
A skilled craftsperson or artisan who uses creativity and expertise to forge professional beautifying tools and solutions. Origin: 2014; Canada, Smith Cosmetics