About Smith


[smith] noun: A skilled craftsperson or artisan who works at something specified. Often used in combination: a “cosmeticsmith.”


Cos•met•ic•smith [koz-met-ik-smith] noun: A skilled craftsperson or artisan who uses creativity and expertise to forge professional beautifying tools and solutions. Origin: 2015; Canada, Smith Cosmetics


Nyla and Janelle


Our Story

Hey there! We're Nyla and Janelle, the two inseparable sisters behind Smith Cosmetics. Before moving to Canada, we grew up in New Zealand, where we were immersed in a culture that thrived on creativity. Our childhood was a canvas of imagination, painted with memories of our mom sewing and our dad crafting wooden wonders. As entrepreneurs themselves, they taught us to embrace risks and the beauty of being able to figure things out together. It's this Kiwi spirit of “anything is possible” that gave us the drive to follow our passions.

Cue our love of makeup. As a seasoned makeup artist and mentor, Nyla saw the evolution of makeup but recognized the tools never changed. Drawing inspiration from the finesse of art brushes, Smith's unique tools were created. Meticulously crafted, our brushes are designed to empower everyone, from the makeup connoisseur to the everyday enthusiast, to master those coveted, high-fashion looks. No barriers, no boundaries. Next up, with Janelle’s business and marketing expertise, we set the stage for our brushes to shine – and in 2015, Smith Cosmetics was born.

But Smith isn't just about cosmetics; it's a promise, a vision, a dream. It's about empowering YOU to defy norms, to unleash your inner maverick, and to challenge the conventional. To help you express your true self, to let your inner artist play and to say f**k the status quo. We dream big – envisioning a world of groundbreaking makeup, continuous growth, and a collective where everyone elevates one another. Our brushes and other products? They're more than tools; they're instruments of transformation.

Whether you're a pro artist or just someone who loves a little daily glam, with Smith, you're not just embracing a product; you're joining a community. A community that believes in making dreams a reality, living authentically and the magic makeup can bring to our everyday lives. And yes, we're all for the occasional rebel yell. So, welcome to the #SmithSquad. Let's create something beautiful – together.

- Nyla & Janelle


Our Promise - Your Beauty, Our Brushes, One Bold Statement.

At Smith, we're not just about brushes, makeup and beauty; we're about you. Here's the deal: we've got your back, always. Experience our unparalleled luxury, because mediocrity? That's not in our vocabulary. Feel that surge of confidence? That's the Smith effect. And our creations? They're more than tools; they're your fiercest allies, carefully crafted to elevate your artistry, challenge norms, and help you kick a** as you ignite your spirit. With a Smith product in hand, the world is your canvas.